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Make a Fee Payment From Outside of Canada

Springfield College of Healthcare, Management & Technology (SCHMT) has authorized Convera to process incoming international student tuition and related fee payments on its behalf. There are bank-to-bank payment and online options for non-Canadian denominated credit cards (Master card, Visa, Unionpay). This is the safest and most secure fee payment option.

SCHMT does not authorize other payment services to handle incoming international student fee payments.  Students who choose to use other services do so at his/her own risk.

Option 1: Pay by Bank Transfer, your Credit Card or Debit Card by CONVERA 
(you can make payment in your local currency also)


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The SCHMT has authorized Convera to process incoming international student tuition and related fee payments. You pay the Canadian dollar fee payment in the currency of choice online or at a local bank at a competitive exchange rate.

Convera is a leader in education payments, trusted by more than 800 institutions, including 8 of the top 10 ranked universities globally. Create easy payment solutions for both students and education institutions alike. Whether you are reconciling student tuition payments, paying staff overseas or issuing US student loans, Convera helps you capture more value with every transaction.

How it Works

Your local bank or online payment partner will transfer your local currency fee payment to Convera, and Convera will convert your fee payment into Canadian dollars and direct the payment to the Springfield College of Healthcare, Management & Technology (SCHMT). The payment will be converted by Convera at the rate the student has locked-in and is guaranteed for 72 hours. The payment will then be delivered directly to the SCHMT with student identification information within 2-3 business days.

You are paying into a Convera bank account, and then Convera will deposit the payment in Canadian dollars into the SCHMT bank account.

Click on Convera, then you will be transferred to a secure website and follow the instructions on how to complete the payment to a local banking institution in your currency of choice.

View the How It Works video available in the following languages:

Make Convera payments in 4 steps:

Step 1: Start the payment process:

  1. Click here to begin the Convera payment process.

  2. Read the disclaimer information and click to confirm agreement.

  3. This will take you to the Convera for Students payment website

Step 2: Record payment information:

  1. Select the country you are paying from

  2. Record the payment amount in CAD

  3. Select your preferred method of payment

  4. Record Student and Payer Information

Step 3: Make the payment within 72 hours.  You cannot request another quote within the 72 hours period.

  1. If you pay by online payment option: you will be redirected to the partner website: Geoswift, Alipay, UnionPay, Netbanking,Trustly, Sofort, etc.

  2. If you pay by bank transfer, make the payment using the Convera payment instructions.

    • The exchange rate quoted will remain valid for 72 hours during which time you or the payer must take the banking instructions to your bank, who will initiate the transfer of funds through Convera for credit to the SCHMT.

    • In the event Convera receives your payment after the 72 hour period Convera shall use the current exchange rate to convert the currency.

Step 4: Track your payment.

Please keep your Student ID Number or Invoice number, and Credit / Debit Card or Online Banking details ready to proceed for the fee payment

Click Here to make payment

Option 2: Pay by Wire Transfer (bank charges to be borne by student)
Make the wire transfer payment at your bank, and keep a copy of your receipt for proof of payment. 

Send confirmation of application payment to
(Applications will not be processed until Springfield College receives confirmation of payment)


Bank Details for Electronic Wire Transfer 

Bank Name: Bank of Montreal
Bank Address: 7050 St. Barbara Blvd, Mississauga, Ontario, L5W0E6, CANADA
Account Holder Name: Springfield College of Healthcare, Mgmt & Technology
Account Number: 1992-954
Transit Number: 36342
Institution Number: 001
Swift Code: BOFMCAT2

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  • A wire transfer can take up to 10 business days for payment to be confirmed by our bank

  • Credit Card, Debit Card or Bank transfer by Option 1 is generally within hours; however, if it is an international credit card, for certain countries, there can be delays


Springfield College will process your application within 5 business days once (i) all documents are received (ii) your registration payment is confirmed by our bank. A Letter of Acceptance (LOA) will be issued only after your sign the student contract and pay the  full / partial tuition fee (minimum 25% tuition fee). 

TIP: If timing is urgent for you, we recommend paying by OPTION 1, as this is the fastest turnaround time.

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