Phlebotomy Workshop

Phlebotomy/Venipuncture is a technological medical discipline involving blood withdrawal from patients for blood analysis by using various techniques. In phlebotomy, blood may be withdrawn from a vein, artery, or the capillary bed for lab analysis, treatment purpose or blood transfusion. This workshop has been designed to provide students to be health professionals with additional skills that will allow them to draw blood as an added skill within their health care profession. This phlebotomy training also provides them the opportunity for skills and knowledge upgrade within existing career. Upon successfully completing this course training, the student may be able to achieve upgradation of their present assignments in the health care field by their knowledge and skills enhancement.

This Phlebotomy Workshop focuses upon the practice of blood withdrawal in a typical Canadian Health care setup for diagnostic/treatment purposes and various lab tests that aid in the diagnosis of disorder allowing phlebotomy professionals to become familiar with the common diagnostics tests ordered. The significance of accuracy in documentation and specimen handling is discussed in detail during the course and latest phlebotomy armamentarium, safety supplies and phlebotomy equipments are utilized to perform the procedure.

Various aspects of our phlebotomy WORKSHOP are:

  • Very detailed discussion of Venipuncture procedure and  equipments

  • Administrative Steps of Phlebotomy

  • Vacuumized blood collection system

  • Safety and Universal Precautions in handling the samples

  • Hands-on Practical training on blood and specimen collection

  • Documentation, Specimen Handling and Transportation

  • Dos and Donts of Phlebotomy procedure

  • Complications in Blood Collection and problem solving

  • Difference in Phlebotomy procedure, techniques and site selection for diverse age group

  • Phlebotomy in new born, children, adults and geriatric(old) patients


Course highlights


  • An experienced medical faculties and staff dedicated to help students throughout the course with tutoring and mentoring

  • Reasonable fees comparable to other institutions

  • A small group of 5-7 students only, for personalized attention and better learning experience

  • Certificate of attendance given on same day of completion

  • Lots of practical knowledge and experience related to blood samplings and various techniques.



SCHMT College is proud to offer Phlebotomy training to people from all healthcare backgrounds, hospitals and employed health care professionals aspiring for skills upgradation or as  a part of continuous medical education as well.

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