Résumé & Cover Letter Writing workshop

Learn what your Resume needs to look like while newcomers and job seekers apply for your dream job in Canada…


Learn what Canadian employers want newcomers and job seekers to know while applying for a job in Canada…


Résumé & Cover Letter Writing workshop at SCHMT is your important step to employment!!


The program has been specifically designed to assist new and recent immigrants to Canada and all job seekers to prepare a customized Résumé & Cover Letter which helps you highlight your skills and experiences to avail your dream jobs in Canadian Market. The Résumé & Cover Letter Writing workshop program at SCHMT offers training in writing an effective and impressive Résumé to assist internationally trained individuals with the initial stages of their job search.


The Résumé & Cover Letter Writing workshop program at SCHMT is all about helping newcomers and internationally-trained professionals to better understand the important steps of your job search journey in Canadian job market. It helps you write an amazing résumé and cover letter to impress your interviewers, customize your prepared resume to convert in a better professional look to land a position that meets your needs. In this workshop, you will understand the difference between a CV and a résumé and how each is intended, useful and applicable for different situations. You will also learn how to translate your academic/non academic CV into a résumé suitable for a academic/non-academic job search.


Find out how to effectively target your résumé and cover letter. Let us help you develop the skills and confidence to get that job!

Learn how to present your experiences, education and skills in a way that showcases your assets and get a hold of employers’ interest in you!


Learn how to be “Fully capable and assured that your résumé will get you to your dream job” from “completely clueless on how to write a résumé.”

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