Student services

Our staff at SCHMT College is dedicated to our students’ growth and success, and they are always eager to help and support our students on their journey to a new career.  


SCHMT as a forward thinking, quality driven, educational Institute, is constantly developing and implementing educational programs to help our students achieve rewarding career and independence in cosmopolitan, multicultural Canadian Society. We are ethical, student-focused and performance -oriented institution believing in growth, success and progress of our students, staff, and community.


Introductory Orientation Session 


Our preparatory Orientation Session will provide the students the essential information on the college and an overview of their program of study. Our Campus Manager will discuss the programs, timelines, expected outcomes and practicum placement procedures along with the current trends in related career paths and employment, during this session on the first day of their classes




The curriculum at SCHMT College is aligned with industry standards to give students highly relevant educational experience and hands-on learning in their professional fields of choice.




SCHMT College has a dedicated Career Service Department offering placement and employment assistance for our students.


Internet Access and Database


Our computer labs are equipped with the most up-to-date software programs, allowing students to work on their computer skills outside of class time. Students will have continuous internet access to our databases to facilitate their job searches, research work and networking.


Practicum Placement

A Placement Coordinator will arrange for a mandatory practicum placement for you, in the field of your study to get you the best, real, on-the-job experience. After completion of your in-class theory teaching, you will receive the crucial hands-on training that lets you put the knowledge you have learned into practice. Our placement coordinator will be sincerely try to accommodate the student’s request for location and schedule.