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Innovation & Leadership in Administration 

Skills Upgrade Certificate Program

Business Administration Program Class

Business and management includes all the disciplines that deal with the organisation and coordination of enterprises that deal with products and services traded for profit. Business and management activities aim at accomplishing specific organisational goals, increasing the capital of the company and its overall efficiency. This workshop includes the important aspect of Team workmanship, Leadership qualities, and innovation, which are the core activities for any person to be successful in the field of Administration and Business management.

Program  Duration: 8 /16 hours

The enrollment for the program is limited in order to optimize the learning experience.


  • Registered College with the Ministry of  Colleges & Universities - Govt. of Ontario

  • Leading provider of Healthcare programs in GTA

  • Attractive fees 

  • Great quality training

  • Experienced healthcare faculties with vast knowledge and Industry experience dedicated to help students throughout the course 

  • A small group of 2-3 students, for personalized attention and best practical learning experience

  • Certificate given on the same day of completion

  • Lots of practical knowledge and experience related to various techniques

  • Emphasis on one-to-one support

  • Excellent response from the past and present students regarding training and program.


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