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Post Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management (PGDHM)
(2 Years /104 weeks program) 

(Approved by the Ministry of  Colleges & Universities - Govt. of Ontario)

Program Overview


The aim of this program is to empower students to take up leadership roles in Healthcare Facilities, Hospitals, Long term care facilities, medical /dental offices or multispecialty centres. This PG program in healthcare management provides students the knowledge and critical-thinking skills necessary for the management of healthcare delivery systems and healthcare services. As Healthcare Managers plan, direct and coordinate medical and healthcare services, the program will prepare the students for the important career positions managing entire facilities, specific departments or a group of physicians in a medical practice. Since Health records are the primary source of information used by hospitals and health care facilities and also needed by public health officials to indicate disease patterns and trends, and by medical researchers for analysis, comparison and decision support; this program will provide the students with the knowledge of record /systems management maintaining privacy, confidentiality and security of health information while transitioning to the electronic health record.

This program is specially designed for students who have got their ​post-secondary education in ​Management/ Office Administration/ Medical Science / Health Sciences / Medicine / Dentistry or Nursing or health / medicine related, regulated programs. In this challenging two-year PG Diploma program, students will learn to achieve the knowledge and skills needed to lead in healthcare, capture and analyze data for use in patient care, decision support, and planning, Billing, coding and record management.

Healthcare Managers are an important and integral part of any healthcare system  as they help management, administrators, patients, nurses and doctors at various healthcare facilities. The Post Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management program (PGDHM) at Springfield College has been designed with expert knowledge of Healthcare System and expertise in the administrative healthcare fields, such as medical, dental and allied branches, to prepare students to attain advanced knowledge with managerial, clinical & administrative skills  for employment in  healthcare setting. This program opens doors to a variety of employment opportunities for students, with the strong potential for the growth and advancement to be in the position of the senior management in the healthcare profession. Now, more than ever, Canada’s healthcare system needs strong, compassionate, and competent leaders. By studying Springfield’s PG Diploma in Healthcare Management, the only of its kind in Ontario, you will learn the essential skills and aspects of managing and leading a health care unit successfully and efficiently.

This program is for domestic or international students who have  ​post-secondary education (Degree​ / Diploma / Certificate) and wish to pursue ​senior managerial career in the field of healthcare. ​Our teaching schedule and classes for these programs are conveniently arranged for our students to accommodate their busy lifestyle.  

  • Financial Assistance provided for students needing help

  • Job search guidance & assistance for students

Admission Requirements: 

Post-Secondary Certificate / Diploma / Degree

Career Prospects and Opportunities

  • You can earn between $35 – $55/per hour and above

  • Part time/Full time

There are plentiful job opportunities for a P.G. Diploma holder in Healthcare Management program.

The work opportunities include following, but not limited to-

  • Senior managers - health services

  • Managers - health and social policy development and program administration

  • Medical/Health Office Managers

  • Dental Office Managers

  • Medical/Health Office Administrators

  • Senior Administrators at Hospitals and long-term care facilities

  • Hospital Patient Registration Supervisors

  • Medical/Dental Front Office Supervisors

  • Medical/Dental/hospital front desk Manager

  • Managers at Private clinics and nursing homes

  • Managers at Retirement residences and Senior homes

  • Special-care homes and integrated-care facilities

  • Medical Record Managers

  • Ward Supervisor

  • Hospital Unit Coordinator

  • Medical Billing Managers

  • Dental billing manager

  • Administrator in Government Health Agencies

  • Health policy researchers, consultants and program officers

Program Duration

The Post Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management at Springfield College is 2 years (104 weeks) in length with the understanding that students will be able to attain essential knowledge and skills to be effective Healthcare Professional and a skilled member of Healthcare System. Those who are currently employed in the medical office, dental offices, dentists, hospitals or other health care institutions can also join this program to receive P.G. diploma or further their skills and knowledge.


2 Years / 104 Weeks program 

Schedule-  (Morning, Afternoon or Evening Classes)

Course Outline


  • Advanced Medical Terminology

  • Advancements in the current knowledge of Human Anatomy & Physiology

  • Canadian Healthcare Administration

  • Healthcare Administrative Procedures

  • ​Health Record Management

  • ​Communication in Healthcare Field- 1

  • Pharmacology

  • Psychology: Learning Mind and Behavior

  • Organizational Behaviour in Healthcare

  • Quality Management in Healthcare

  • ​Communication in Healthcare Field- 2

  • ​​Leadership in Healthcare management

  • Occupational Health & Safety

  • Human Resources Management

  • Healthcare Ethics & Law

  • ​Healthcare Billing & Coding

  • Healthcare Financial Management

  • Health Economics

  • Health Informatics

  • Healthcare Research

  • Healthcare Marketing

  • Strategic Planning and Management in Healthcare

  • ​Career & Employment Strategies

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Our Students' Success Stories

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