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Medical Billing & Coding

This certificate program at Springfield College helps you develop the fundamental knowledge of Medical/OHIP Billing & Coding & EMR software and the skills needed to work as an efficient and competent office administrator in medical and dental practices. The program provides you essential information and knowledge of the general principles of billing the clients in medical, dental and other healthcare offices, various ICD Codes and the responsibilities of medical office managers/MOA as a billing and coding manager/administrator.

The program also helps you comprehend the basic concepts of medical and dental billing, Eligibility of Clients for OHIP benefits, Eligibility Verification, Automated Response System (ARS), RMB (Reciprocal Medical Billing), WSIB and Third-Party Insurance. This certificate program is designed to provide a concrete theoretical foundation and accurate knowledge of physician registration, role of CPSO, provider payments and policy, common and constituent elements of Billing & Coding, and SOB (Schedule of Benefits) overview. Students will learn about International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes, eligibility requirements, fee for services, co-payment and deductibles, and claims submission. The program will also discuss medical and dental claim forms, instructions for completing manual claim forms, payment methods and WSIB claims.


Program Schedule (Weekends /weekdays) 

We have following options for these programs:


A. Basic  Program

B. EMR with OHIP Billing & Coding Program

C. EMR, Bookkeeping & OHIP Billing & Coding Program

You can start the program any day of the week after registration. 

We offer our students Online and Blended format program options. 

Course highlights


  • Registered College with the Ministry of  Colleges & Universities - Govt. of Ontario

  • Leading provider of Healthcare programs in Canada

  • Attractive Fees

  • A small group of 3-5 students for personalized attention and better learning experience

  • Certificate given on same day of completion of program

  • Experienced medical faculties and staff dedicated to help students throughout the course with tutoring and mentoring

  • Emphasis on one-to-one support

  • Excellent response from the past and present students regarding training and program.

Contact at 905-216-1600; 416-456-6689; 647-609-3829 or email at for customized schedule for weekend, weekdays and evening courses.

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