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Online Certificate Program

 SCHMT is offering Online Healthcare Certificate Programs at SPECIAL CONCESSIONAL PROGRAM FEE. 

You don’t require to sacrifice your convenience, money and time today to get a better career tomorrow!

Springfield College lets you to study online, at your own pace and comfort, and at your own schedule. Many of our students are even able to keep their full-time jobs and full-time income, as they work towards a better career.

Stop waiting, and get the life you deserve!

Springfield College’s Online Learning programs provide students the freedom to achieve their personal development and/or business education goals in a way that is accessible, easy and convenient. Designed with flexibility and student comfort in mind, online learning is a form of instructor-designed study enabling students to work through provided online Program material and assignments in their own time and space, with 24-hour access to the online teaching material.

Build on the education and experience that you have already achieved, either in Canada or another country, with Springfield College’s Online Learning programs. If your erratic work schedule, family commitments or unpredictable schedules are keeping you away from achieving your educational and career goals, then Online Learning at Springfield College may be the ideal solution – either online or print-based (correspondence).

Online Learning offers you:

  • Convenience and flexibility - study when you want at your own pace!

  • Time efficiency - travel, family commitments, weather are no longer barriers to learning

  • Knowledge and skills enhancement - hone your skills and enrich your knowledge

  • Collaborative learning - work and communicate with other learners from diverse national and educational backgrounds

  • Best opportunity to contribute and be heard



Following certificate programs or Programs may be taken in online / Blended formats at Springfield College.


1. Certificate in Phlebotomy (Course Code A111) 

To Register CLICK HERE

2. Certificate in IM Injection & Vaccinations (Course Code A127)

To Register CLICK HERE

3. Certificate in IV administration(Course Code A131)

To Register CLICK HERE

4. Certificate in Medication administration(Course Code A147)

To Register CLICK HERE

5. Certificate in EKG Technician Training (Course Code A156)

To Register CLICK HERE

6. Certificate in Health Assessment(Course Code A158)

To Register CLICK HERE

7. Injection Techniques Certificate (Course Code A176)

To Register CLICK HERE

8. Wound Care Certificate(Course Code A246)

To Register CLICK HERE


09. Medical Terminology Certificate(Course Code A14334) 

To Register CLICK HERE

10. Mental Health Certificate (Course Code A34524) 

11. Medical Transcription Certificate (Click Here) 

12. Health Informatics Certificate (Click Here)

13. Medical Billing & Coding (Click Here)


(Please Contact us for other Online Programs on offer)

Computerized Online Evaluation Test at the end of the Program for gradation and certification.

If interested, call us on 905-216-1600; 416-456-6689 or send email -

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