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A Message from the President & CEO, Springfield College


Prof(Dr.) V K Dabas

MDS, PhD (London), FICD (USA)






Dear Friends and Students,

“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw

I feel immensely honored and privileged to take this opportunity to introduce to you to Springfield College of Healthcare, Management and Technology(SCHMT).

Springfield College of Healthcare, Management and Technology(SCHMT) is a Canadian owned private College with a mission statement of- “A Door to The Brighter Future” that emphasizes quality education for successful and satisfying learning experience for all its students and the future vision to expand its specialized educational network by setting up campuses at various other locations across Ontario as well as other provinces of Canada in the near future.

As internationally renowned educationists and administrators, with vast academic and administrative knowledge and expertise in post-secondary education, are at the helm of affairs, SCHMT has support of firm foundation. We truly value education as a source of eternal light of knowledge, a movement leading all from darkness of ignorance to the light of abundant knowledge, wisdom and intelligence – to create a positive image of self and constructive impact on our society. Professional acumen and character building are the prime objectives of our education, which help our students to think critically, work intensely and achieve their goals timely for ultimate success in their professional and personal life.

As Albert Einstein had stated, Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school, our aim is to provide an enthusiastic, time-honored, life-long, positive and value-based learning environment to our students that enable and encourage them to grow and prosper and be that a never ending process. The processes of teaching and study at Springfield College will be focused upon the art and science of learning as what is offered must be perceived as a valuable gift and not just a mere hard duty. The Springfield College wants to create an educational legacy to pass it on to its present and future students, and help and assist them in their valuable professional careers. Education and teaching at Springfield College will help them develop their own sound, moral, personal and professional framework from which they will be able to make well-informed and ethically strong decisions, both in their professional as well as in personal life. Consequently, it will help them carve out a multifaceted persona to exist successfully with strong character in the society to face challenges of all time. The education at our college will provide the students with a great sense of self-worth and self-esteem through positive and quality learning experience. Our core values focus upon the virtue lying in the never-ending process of learning while instilling a thorough sense of discipline which will keep them moving on this path of efficient and reorganized knowledge, information and skills with humanity and thoughtfulness.

As a moral and ethical duty, amidst endless discussion about the education and process of learning, Springfield College will be emphasizing to lay stress upon the need to create educated students- to be able to be positively involved into the creation of world of educated, knowledgeable and cultured citizens.

Since, the changing times demand an innovative relationship between the society and institutes of education for adult learning, the unique characteristics of our college aiming at fulfillment of students’ learning requirements would play an important role to establish a strong bond between our students and society. I am very sure, armed with the armory of updated knowledge, information and skills, our students will be always well prepared to face the competitive professional world at any given time.

I wish all the very best to our students in the process of learning at Springfield College and achievement of great wealth of knowledge and professional expertise to succeed in their careers of choice!!


Regards and Best Wishes,

Prof(Dr.) V. K. Dabas

MDS, PhD (London), FICD (USA)

President & CEO


Academic Director,

Springfield College


“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” ― Malcolm X

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