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CPR & First Aid Certificate Training

Standard First Aid and CPR-C (HCP)

Course contents and outcomes include:

  • In depth discussion of topics allowing for more time to be dedicated to role play and scenarios.

  • Emergency scene management

  • Overview of cardiac, diabetic, epileptic, asthmatic and anaphylaxis emergencies

  • Unconscious victims emergencies vs conscious victims emergencies

  • CPR for infants, children and adults

  • Choking for infants, children and adults

  • Breathing emergencies management

  • Defibrillation (Automated External defibrillator: AED)

  • Wound management and severe bleeding

  • Head, Spinal and Pelvic Injuries

  • Sprains/fractures management

  • Poisoning and Shock

  • Other additional topics specific to the work place such as eye injuries, secondary survey, environmental illnesses, multiple casualty management, burns, chest injuries, two rescuer CPR, etc.

Duration: 2 -3 days

Online blended program available, with 1 day practical at Scarborough,ON

Discounted Fee


For Schedule and Registration Call us on 905-216-1600
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