Heart & Stroke

Standard First Aid and CPR-C (HCP) Duration: 2 days

Course contents and outcomes include:

  • In depth discussion of topics allowing for more time to be dedicated to role play and scenarios.

  • Emergency scene management

  • Overview of cardiac, diabetic, epileptic, asthmatic and anaphylaxis emergencies

  • Unconscious victims emergencies vs conscious victims emergencies

  • CPR for infants, children and adults

  • Choking for infants, children and adults

  • Breathing emergencies management

  • Defibrillation (Automated External defibrillator: AED)

  • Wound management and severe bleeding

  • Head, Spinal and Pelvic Injuries

  • Sprains/fractures management

  • Poisoning and Shock

  • Other additional topics specific to the work place such as eye injuries, secondary survey, environmental illnesses, multiple casualty management, burns, chest injuries, two rescuer CPR, etc.

Discounted Fee: $100 +tax

Heart & Stroke Foundation’s Heartsaver® CPR AED

It is a 4.5-hour course that is geared for people with limited or no medical training. This comprehensive video-based, instructor-led program teaches how to recognize cardiac arrest, get emergency care on its way quickly and provide help until someone with more advanced training arrives to take over. You’ll get hands-on practice in performing high-quality CPR, using an AED, relieving choking and giving mouth-to-mouth breaths or breaths with a mask.


Upon successful completion, we will send you an email that provides you with access to your Heartsaver® CPR AED or Heartsaver® CPR AED ©eCard. You can directly access, download and print your card. A printed course completion card from the Heart and Stroke Foundation is available for an additional fee.

Discounted Fee: $65 +tax

Heart & Stroke Foundation's Basic Life Support (BLS) Provider

Our Basic Life Support (BLS) Provider is a 4-hour course which is the foundational emergency cardiovascular course for all healthcare professionals and first responders intended to help improve patient outcomes. BLS teaches both single-rescuer and team basic life support skills for application in pre-hospital and in-facility settings. Current BLS status is a pre-requisite for advanced and intermediary resuscitation courses and is also a requirement in most healthcare settings. BLS Provider status surpasses requirements for CPR © or CPR Healthcare Provider (HCP). BLS card is valid for 1 year.

Discounted Fee: $99 +tax

Mental Health First Aid

The 12-hour evidence-based basic course focuses on the most common mental health disorders including substance abuse, mood disorder, anxiety disorder, and psychotic disorder. This course will help to:


• Identify when a person may cause danger to self or to others.

• Recognize the early signs of mental health problems that can lead to serious complications.

• Provide appropriate support to someone with a mental health problem and those in a recovery state.

• Provide community resources to get professional help.

This course shows an increase in knowledge about the disorders, danger signs, and appropriate management, increase confidence in providing interventions and reduces stigma towards mental health illness.

Discounted Fee: $180 +tax 

For Schedule and Registration Call us on 905-216-1600
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