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A great opportunity for the learners to acquire certificate from the prestigious Springfield College of Healthcare, Management & Technology (SCHMT), Canada

Chronic pain management is a major and growing challenge for healthcare professionals, patients, and individuals. People with chronic pain face unique challenges in everyday life, including difficulty in maintaining positive relationships. Over the past decade, there is a sudden rise in the sufferers of chronic pain globally, due to the various factors associated with modern day life complexities, such as increased stress, anxiety and depression which in turn lead to decreased pain tolerance, increased pain sensitivity, overuse of medications, polypharmacy and other intricacies linked to the medications. It also reflects in to reduced work potential of individuals.

In this program, the learner will acquire knowledge of neuroscientific and behavioural perspectives of chronic pain. This program will help health professionals to  develop advanced practice skills in the evaluation,  assessment and management of chronic pain conditions using the scientific and psychosocial approach. It will also train the learners to get familiar with  the techniques to help patients / clients to better manage their conditions. On completion of the program, the learners will be able to reduce emotional and physical sufferings of their patients / clients by helping them to increase their resilience before exposure to stressful situations. Learners will also gain knowledge about the fact that even the small  intervention can result in observable transformation for the chronic pain sufferers. 


Admission Requirements


This online program is appropriate for pain sufferers-clients, and the healthcare professionals from medicine, dentistry, nursing, occupational therapy, chiropractice, psychology and related disciplines. This Online program has been designed for busy healthcare professionals, providing the freedom to manage their work-life balance.

The online educators with vast knowledge in this field will provide the online learning study modules and reading materials. The students will also be able to interact with the faculty via virtual meet, online discussions, online tasks, and assignments.


Different Programs  


Our Different programs are as follows-

  • Certificate in Chronic Pain Management - Basic Program- $299+ Tax

  • Certificate in Chronic Pain Management - Intermediate Program- $599+ Tax

  • Certificate in Chronic Pain Management - Advanced Program- $969+Tax

Required Technology  


You will need a personal computer with Internet access.

Program Start Dates  


  • Online program batches organized frequently.  

International Faculty  

Porfessor Usha Dabas

Prof. Usha Dabas


Springfield College of Healthcare, Management & Technology

19 -1 Bartley Bull Parkway, Brampton, ON, CANADA

Dr. Vijay Asrani

Dr. Vijay Asrani
MDS, PhD Scholar

Healमी Orofacial Pain & TMD Clinic

Sun Westbank, Near Vallabh Sadan Riverfront, Ashram road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA

Contact:  +1-905-216-1600; +1-416-456-6689 (Ontario, Canada)

                   +91-8780677703 (Ahmedabad, India)


or email at for additional information and customized schedule 

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