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Sexual Violence Policy Involving Students
(Updated December 2023)

Springfield College of Healthcare, Management & Technology is committed to maintain a positive learning and living environment in which any form of sexual violence will not be tolerated. The purpose of this policy is to clearly state the Springfield College of Healthcare, Management & Technology’s commitment to addressing sexual violence against students through:

  • Coordinated and comprehensive awareness training and education programs;

  • Coordinated and comprehensive support for those who have experienced sexual violence including counselling, medical care, academic accommodation and other support as required;

  • Clear, appropriate and fair processes for handling reports and complaints of sexual violence covered by this and other SCHMT policies. 

Important Updates (March 2022):

  1. If students, in good faith, report an incident of, or make a complaint about, sexual violence, they will not be subject to discipline or sanctions for violations of the college’s policies relating to drug or alcohol use at the time the alleged sexual violence occurred;


  1. Students who disclose their experience of sexual violence through reporting an incident of, making a complaint about, or accessing supports and services for sexual violence, will not be asked irrelevant questions during the investigation process by the college’s staff or investigators, including irrelevant questions relating to the student’s sexual expression or past sexual history.

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