Certificate Program

Medication Administration Certificate Program

The medication administration program at Springfield College helps you develop the knowledge and skills needed to administer medications in a health care or community setting. This nursing certificate program is designed to provide a concrete theoretical foundation and accurate knowledge on different actions and side effects of various medications. The program also teaches about various routes of medication administration and the skills required to properly administer different medications through particular routes including oral route (pills/liquid), nose drops, eye drops, ear drops, suppositories, topical, transdermal, etc. The program emphasizes upon critical thinking and reflective practice, holistic care and cultural diversity/sensitivity.

The theoretical component of the program is designed to facilitate the learner's knowledge of medications and their effects on patients. Students will explore the pharmacology, classifications, mechanisms of action, and side effects of medications. The impact of medications on various diseases and lab results will be explained. This course offers advanced case studies utilizing problem based learning (PBL) approach to achieve student success with course learning objectives.


You must be a healthcare professional, registered nurse (RN or RPN). If you are an internationally educated nurse, this program may be of interest for you.

PROGRAM DURATION: (Weekends / Week days)

A. Basic Program - 8/12 hours (2 or 3 days)

B. Advanced Program - 25 to 38 hours (5-10 days) {with or without IV medication administration component}

(the program duration may change as per group size) 


Course Outline

  • Knowledge and information of common, frequently prescribed medications administered by health professionals.

  • Training on collection of patient information including health history, allergies and health concerns.

  • Medication errors, its prevention, Role & responsibilities of an administrator

  • Knowledge and information about different rights and responsibilities of proper medication administration.

  • Knowledge of the legal aspects medication administration in Canadian Healthcare.

  • Information and knowledge of Controlled Acts in Ontario and understanding the importance of medication monitoring.

  • Practical, hands-on training for administering medication, through different routes of medication administration.


Course Highlights

  • Registered College with the Ministry of  Colleges & Universities - Govt. of Ontario

  • Leading provider of Healthcare programs in Canada

  • Attractive fees 

  • Great quality training

  • This certificate in Medication Administration equips students to complete in the workforce for positions for Healthcare Aide, Medical Office Administration, PSW and any Caregiver role

  • Experienced healthcare faculties with vast knowledge and Industry experience dedicated to help students throughout the course 

  • Lots of practical knowledge and experience related to various techniques

  • Practical component of program provides students with hands-on, practical training

  • A small group of 3-5 students for individualized attention and better learning experience

  • Emphasis on one-to-one support

  • Program Certificate given on same day of completion

  • Excellent response from the past and present students regarding training and program.

Some of the Students' Feedback

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