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"A Door to The Brighter Future"- is the mission statement of Springfield College.

Springfield College as a reputable, learner-centered Canadian College educates students for their professional career success, prepare them for today’s competitive job market with diverse employability opportunities as well as help them upgrade their skills and knowledge as a continuous educational development. We support and promote the career development of our students through high quality curriculum, flexible educational programs and teaching excellence.


Springfield College envisions a leadership position influencing arena of education with lifelong education and training strategies to produce graduates- catering both national and international students- with required updated skills and knowledge to promote career success and contribution to the multicultural communities of our great nation.


Springfield College believes in transforming lives and communities through the process of positive learning while placing the students at the centre, and encouraging, supporting and promoting excellence of their efforts.

Core Values and Principles

At Springfield College, our core values and principles are focused upon the following:

  • Imparting high standard education with the motto of promoting innovation and creativity.

  • Constantly adhering and promoting ethical academic culture and principles as unique characteristics of Springfield College.

  • Encouraging and promoting proactive approach for students’ overall professional growth and development.

  • Offering the students pioneering, high quality education and training programs leading towards certificates, diplomas and continuous education to upgrade the existing information and professional skills.

  • Progressing with newer approaches to education consistent with contemporary academic developments together with the academic centres of excellence.

  • Providing and preparing students with all necessary skills and knowledge to act in accordance to career opportunities and successfully face the challenges associated with ever changing job market scenario.

  • Provision of supportive, harmonious, efficient, safe, cost effective and affordable learning environment using most up-to-date information technologies to cater to the students coming from multicultural communities with diverse social and educational backgrounds.

  • Cultivating practice of continuous improvement of functioning conditions and relationships at all levels in the college to promote harmonious, reflective, enthusiastic and student-friendly learning environment.

  • Ensuring that our students have all the essential support, assistance and tools to achieve best of education opportunities and succeed in their professional career.

  • By entering into professional alliances with industry and academic partners, assisting students to take advantage of opportunities of first hand work experience in the respective professional fields of their choice, upon completion of theory classes and increase their potential of getting hired.

  • With pride and privilege, we acknowledge our responsibilities towards our students and the society, while believing in quality education, promoting excellence of standards. 

What is special about SCHMT?

Springfield College is an academic & training centre with a difference- It is a pioneering educational institution which provides you the best direction for your career and door to brighter future.

At Springfield College, along with the superlative education, career and skills competency for a professional success are given top priority focusing upon personalized guidance for every student.

The SCHMT Advantage:

  • Springfield College offers a variety of specially designed academic programs, certificates and courses for a small group of students with diverse educational and community backgrounds.

  • Our programs are specifically designed and developed with intent to provide the latest techniques and requirements as per the demands by today’s industry and employers.

  • We value students’ experiences along with their educational qualifications and career aptitude.

  • We emphasize practical learning experience through perfection in theory knowledge and interactive engagement of our students.

  • Majority of our programs are composed of in-class education with hands-on or practical placement experience opportunities available to the students to prepare them in the career of their choice making them well aware of the practical work experience as well when they graduate.

  • Springfield College’s friendly, harmonious, yet professional learning environment enhances students’ confidence and desire for the academic excellence in many folds.

  • Our graduates, upon completion of their programs, are always well equipped with necessary skilles to sustain in the job market, and get professional success.


Personalized Learning

Instructors at Springfield College are very learned and qualified with industry expertise who emphasize on the philosophy of uniqueness of every individual student and their way of learning. They teach and train students offering personalized learning in every subject with main focus directed at individual learning attitude, aptitude, aspiration and capabilities, modifying the methods of learning and teaching best suited to each student, if and when required, to enhance their knowledge and skills for their professional success. Our instructors have proven to place students’ needs first, and to help and assist them in their pursuit for employment. 


Flexible Time Schedules

We recognize paucity of time students might face and be unable to attend classes, in which case our college is willing to work around their schedule, in turn offering flexibility to get course work completed.  They may choose the best schedule suitable to them, without affecting their routine and other commitments. Our knowledgeable and helpful career advisor is always keen on offering guidance and assistance in order to find out the course and program schedule that works best for you.


Well Qualified, Experienced Instructors

Springfield College feels proud and privileged that our Instructors are highly qualified, highly experienced, industry experts, dedicated individuals who are always more than eager and enthusiastic to help students achieve standards of excellence in their professional fields.

All our Instructors meet the Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU) qualification requirements and have a great deal of industry experiences to help you avail the theory as well as practical work experience in the field of your choice.


Recognition of International Qualifications and Work Experience

At Springfield College, we appreciate all qualifications and work experience- Canadian as well as International. We carefully assess and take into consideration all your past and present qualifications and work experiences. This analysis helps our career counselor to know about your aptitude, interest and experience, and help you choose the appropriate program and also hone your skills in order to meet job requirements in the area of your specialization.

We at Springfield College, always place emphasis on your academic background, academic aspiration, interest and past experience to achieve the best professional outcome for you in the shortest time period.


Industry-Specific Diploma and Certificate Programs

We have numerous professional alliances with industry and academic partners. We have in-depth knowledge and information about the requirements of employers and industry in diverse fields. Hence, all our academic courses and short term certificate programs are formulated to meet the industry and employer demands. Consequently, we assist our students to avail opportunities of first hand working experience in the respective professional fields of their choice upon the completion of theory classes and increasing potential of getting hired.

While at other Colleges and Universities courses are longer and may take upto 4 years, Springfield College’s academic courses and Certification programs provides you the necessary skills and knowledge of the industry of your career choice and can be completed in shorter duration. Thus, these courses can help save time as well as costs involved.

Convenient, Easily Accessible Location

Springfield College is conveniently located with proximity to public transit system.

For added convenience and peace of mind, we offer free parking spot for your vehicle. 

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