Diploma in Dental Office Administration Class

Diploma in Medical & Dental Office Administration (MDOA)

(Approved by the Ministry of  Training, Colleges & Universities - Govt. of Ontario)

Program Overview


Medical & Dental Office Administrators/Assistants are important members of the health care system principally as they provide assistance to the patients/clients related to various administrative, assisting and clinical duties in medical and dental offices. The Diploma in Medical & Dental Office Administration (MDOA) program at Springfield College has been designed with expert knowledge of Health Care System and skill expertise in both medical and dentistry field to prepare the students to acquire all needed information and skill set for employment in Canadian health care setting. This program opens the doors to a variety of employment opportunities for the students with the definite potential for the growth and advancement in the Canadian health care system.


​Our teaching schedule and classes for these programs are conveniently arranged for the students to accommodate their busy life and important responsibilities and commitments of their daily life. Moreover, our programs are designed to prepare the students for a lifelong career in their fields of interest with larger than life, knowledge with contentment experience!!



Career Prospects and Opportunities

  • You can earn between $24 – $45/per hour and above

  • Part time/Full time

There are plentiful job opportunities for a Diploma holder in Medical & Dental Office Administration program.

The work opportunities include following, but not limited to-

  • Medical/Health Office Assistant

  • Dental  Administrator /Assistant

  • Dental Office Manager

  • Dental Office Coordinator

  • Medical/Health Office Manager

  • Hospitals and long-term care facilities

  • Hospital Patient Registration Officer

  • Medical/Dental Receptionist

  • Medical/Dental/hospital front desk Manager

  • Private clinics and nursing homes

  • Ward Supervisors

  • Hospital Unit Coordinator

  • Medical and Dental Billing Secretary

  • Administrator in Government Health Agencies

Academic Requirements

Students enrolled in vocational program are required to meet or exceed the admission requirements prescribed in Section 19 of Reg 415/06 of Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities, before they begin a program.

Students should meet the following minimum requirements:

• An Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent, or

• Students are 18 years of age or older and pass a qualifying CAAT / (RAI) with Grade D.


Policy for granting credits or advanced standing:


If student has a college or university level subject similar to a Springfield College subject, he/she may be eligible to apply for an Advanced Standing credit at College. If his/her request for advanced standing is successful, the student will not be required to take the subject.

Any given subjects can receive credit to a maximum percentage (i.e. 30%) of the entire program hours.

Program Duration


The Medical & Dental Office Administration program at Springfield College is 27 weeks program with the understanding that the students will be able to attain the essential knowledge and skills to be effective Health Care Professional and a skilled member of Canadian Health Care System. Those who are currently employed in the medical or dentists' office, hospitals or other health care institutions can also join this program to receive diploma or further their skills and knowledge.


Schedule-  (Morning, Afternoon or Evening Classes)

For more information, call our Campus Administrator or Career Counselor or email us at info@springfieldcollege.ca

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