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Certificate Program

Woundcare & Healing Certificate training

Wound Care & Healing - Continuing Education Certification Program for healthcare  professionals at Springfield College of Healthcare, Management & Technology,  combines the latest information and trends in wound care. It provides students with the essential tools and strategies to confidently address wound care. The main concepts include: prevention, assessment, health, infection and pain management. It focuses on advanced wound care and the impact of additional patient factors on a care plan. This interactive learning combines with in-depth discussions and concepts of wound management and its challenges. This comprehensive course provides health care professionals with the essential tools and strategies to confidently address wound management. You will apply theory using visual case examples, interactive assessments and collaborative discussion. 

PROGRAM DURATION: ( Weekends / Week days)

1. BASIC PROGRAM- equal to 15-20 hrs in-class

2. INTERMEDIATE PROGRAM- equal to 25-30 hrs in-class

3. ADVANCED PROGRAM (INCLUDING DIABETIC FOOT CARE etc.) - equal to 40-45hrs in-class

(the program duration may change as per group size) 

You can start the program any day of the week after registration. 

We offer our students Online and Blended format program options. 



This program is suitable for Healthcare Workers, RN, RPN, IEN, IMGs. etc. 


  • Registered College with the Ministry of  Colleges & Universities - Govt. of Ontario

  • Leading provider of Healthcare programs in GTA

  • Attractive fees 

  • Great quality training

  • Experienced healthcare faculties with vast knowledge and Industry experience dedicated to help students throughout the course 

  • A small group of 2-3 students, for personalized attention and best practical learning experience

  • Certificate given on the same day of completion

  • Lots of practical knowledge and experience related to various techniques

  • Emphasis on one-to-one support

  • Excellent response from the past and present students regarding training and program.

Some of the Students' Feedback

Woundcare & Healing Student Review
Springfield College Student Review
Woundcare & Healing Student Review
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