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Anxiety and depression are real, serious medical conditions - just as real and serious as physical disorders such as heart disease or diabetes. Experiencing occasional anxiety or depression can be a normal part of life. Nevertheless, anxiety disorders make the people feel intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations. On the other hand, panic attacks involve repeated episodes of sudden feelings of intense anxiety, fear or fright that reach a peak within few minutes. One may have feelings of impending doom, shortness of breath, chest pain, or a rapid, fluttering or heart palpitations. These panic attacks may lead to worrying about them happening again or avoiding situations in which they've occurred.


“YOUR MIND IS THE WORST ENEMY OF YOURS”—those suffering from mental health issues may like to agree. People suffering from mental health issues such as chronic depression, anxiety disorder, PTSD, schizophrenia, or stress and exhibiting physical and mental struggle for survival can agree that our mind is our best friend and our worst enemy. None can do the best and worst to us more efficiently than our own minds, our thought processes and our way of thinking do to us. We are the creators and the killers of our own existences- due to overwhelming capacity and capabilities of our minds. It takes commitment to self, and persistence, perseverance and resolve to overcome our deepest fears. In fact, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks are not the testimony of your weakness but they are the signs of having tried to remain strong for long. Most of us have either gone through this at some point in our lives or may be going through in present. When life is moving in an undesirable direction and the things are really bad, having meaning and purpose in life gives us something to hold on to.

Learning life lessons and growing are emotional phenomena and often painful experiences. Sometimes, things happen in life that we’ve neither planned nor expected. Psychological trauma can leave us struggling with hurtful emotions, memories, and anxiety that will not go away. It can leave us feeling dull, disconnected, and distrustful. Irrespective of the cause, when we go through a painful, undesirable, or traumatic experience, that experience can only become one of two things to us—it may become a long-term problem, or it may become our core strength. They may either make us or break us forever. However, they are inevitable and vital parts of our life.

In last three-year period, the plight, and predicaments due to corona pandemic has caused mental health issues for significant population globally. Owing to stay home, social distancing and isolation measures, global pandemic has displaced many lives. It is challenging to navigate this uncertainty, social separation, and fear psychosis. In the face of this unique crisis, it’s very vital to manage our anxiety, fears, depression and stress, and maintain mental health along with physical health.

I agree to the fact that a lot of people's stress, anxiety and/or depression is caused by diverse triggers like constant negative thinking, life losses, loss of hope, failure, or fear of failure, feeling of insecurity, persistent niggling feeling of helplessness to achieve something while deprived of something and striving hard to achieve the same.

It is vital to realize the significance of happiness in life. Happiness is the highest form of health-physical, mental and emotional. Half of the health issues are related with our happiness and contentment in life. Being happy and content improve the quality of life.

Our greatest happiness does not rely upon the condition of life in which our destiny has placed us but is always the outcome of a good mental and physical health, good conscience, work, and freedom in all activities. Believe in the fact that however big your problem may be, life is certainly bigger than that. Respect human life, it is our precious gift from our creator. The most exotic happening of life is—possibility to lead a simple living. It is an extraordinary privilege to have an ordinary life!

“Life may be tough at few points, but Destiny is not created by the Shoes we wear but by the Steps we take, you’re the creator of your Destiny.” This has become a motivating sentence for me to write this book. This book tries to help change the people’s perspective on many things and has broadened my view on life as well.

My message through this book is simple and clear- Mental illness does not discriminate; it can affect anyone regardless of your age, gender, social status, race or religion. Be sympathetic, be positive, be patient and fight back your demons. Determination and resolve will make you win one day! Tough time doesn’t last, but tough people will! I hope that the readers will find the book to be inspirational and helpful to tackle the mental health issues, which are more prevalent in the current scenario.

This book is available on in Digital and paper print formats.


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