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Diploma in Medical Office Administration
Diploma in Food Service Worker
Invest in Yourself:
Discover how Springfield can open Doors to a Brighter Future for YOU!


Personalised Attention and Guidance


At Springfield College, we strive to offer you an outstanding quality of education. Career skills competency for professional success are our top priority, focusing upon individualised educational strategy, guidance and supervision for every student.


Updated Curriculum & Training for Today, and Tomorrow


Our programs are specifically formulated with the objective to provide the most up-to-date knowledge and skills matching the requirements of today’s industry and employers. This ensures our students are current and gain a competitive edge.


Small Class Sizes


Our programs are designed to cater to a small group of students with diverse educational and community backgrounds.

Smaller class sizes means customized academic programs providing individualized attention, expert guidance and supervision while accommodating students’ convenience and comfort as top priorities.


Practical Hands-On Experience

Our academic programs are composed of in-class education with hands-on or practical placement experience opportunities available to our students. This equips you with an actual behind-the-scenes training in your career of choice, providing "street smartness" to go along with your "book smartness"; making you better suited for your career when you graduate.


Friendly, Experienced Staff


At Springfield College, we believe in our staff being more than just your teacher. Fostering a friendly, harmonious, yet professional learning environment enhances students’ confidence and desire for academic excellence.


Experienced Faculty, Unique Approach


Springfield College boasts having staff trained and educated all across the globe. Our instructors value a balance between theoretical knowledge and interactive engagement of our students while evaluating their needs.

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