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Phlebotomy and Patient Fainting- Be Prepared

It is not very uncommon for some of the patients to pass out during or immediately after the blood collection. During a regular blood collection, if a typically talkative outpatient swiftly becomes quiet and then appears inactive in the phlebotomy chair, as a phlebotomist, you must be prepared to tackle the situation. With every blood draw comes the possibility that the patient may lose consciousness during or following the procedure.

It has been observed that the apprehensive and anxious blood donors and first-time blood donors are more prone to vasovagal reaction/ Vasovagal syncope when the body overreacts to certain triggers, such as the sight of blood, feeling of frightened or extreme emotional distress. The vasovagal syncope/ neurocardiogenic syncope trigger causes the individual’s heart rate and blood pressure to drop suddenly. During this fainting reflex, blood vessels dilate causing a drop in blood pressure and blood to pool in the lower parts of the body. Because less blood reaches the brain, fainting may result. Furthermore, an individual’s tendency to faint varies day to day based upon psychological condition, genetic make-up, dietary factors, and other stimulating factors such as infection, dehydration status, and alcohol intake.

Following are the important basic guidelines for a phlebotomist in case of patient fainting:

1. Be prepared for any patient emergency

2. Know the warning signs

3. Check with a Patient history of fainting

4. Identify contributing factors

5. Perform prompt examination

6. Effective and timely management of the patient and condition

7. Accurate documentation

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