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Change needs to be a constant and mandatory phenomenon when it comes to the provision of health care, and the good news is that the Healthcare in Canada is all geared up for a robust revolution. More employment opportunities are available today and many more are expected in the area of healthcare and medical office administration because of the trends toward outpatient and inpatient care, and an overall increased demand for health care services. An increase in need for long-term care administrators is also expected because of aging baby boomers. The increasing numbers of older age group people have increasing healthcare needs. Hence, demand for healthcare will increase with a beneficial impact for people in the healthcare industries.

Job growth for all health care administrators is expected to be higher in next decade and faster than average for all occupations. Advances in medical technology will increase the number of people surviving severe illness and injury, who will require longer-term therapy and care. Medical group practices and integrated health systems will also become larger and more complex, increasing the need for administrative help.

Everyone deserves health care and health care education. Diploma in Medical Office Administration (MOA) Programs and Training at Springfield College of Healthcare, Management & Technology, a 25 weeks duration program, offer you a unique opportunity and privilege to be the part of this facelift of Healthcare scene in Canada. At Springfield College, students taking the Diploma in Medical Office Administration program and courses acquire necessary skills required to run today’s medical facilities, whether it is a hospital, health centre, doctor’s office, or a nursing home.

Diploma in Medical Office Administration (MOA) Program at Springfield College provide training to produce knowledgeable and well informed Healthcare Administrators who are adept at adjusting to new developments in health care regulations, technology and policies. They become creative, flexible, analytical and organized in putting taught knowledge, skills and clinical expertise into their medical practice at workplaces.

Diploma in Medical Office Administration (MOA) Program and training at Springfield College make the students perfectionist to function as the “face” of their organization, while exercising professionalism in demeanor and work perspectives. They acquire skills and capabilities to effectively communicate with patients/clients and office administration at all professional levels, specialties and roles. They keep themselves abreast of what goes on in their work environment or facility fulfilling daily responsibilities of an efficient employee.

Diploma in Medical Office Administration Program is conducted at our very conveniently located Brampton campus, serving the students from Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto and GTA area.


Attractive fees

Very convenient, comfortable and easily accessible location by all means of transport

Best knowledge and information with emphasis on practicable skills in relevant fields of jobs Small class sizes for personalized attention and best learning experience

Highly knowledgeable and industry experienced faculties in Healthcare, dedicated to tutor and help students throughout the course.

Emphasis on one-to-one support

Extreme positive feedback for training and programs from past and present students

Definite assistance in Job search and help to get jobs

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