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Food Service Worker on Nutrient claims and food products

Diploma in Food Service Worker Class

In Canada, the claims are found on many food products. Health Canada’s regulations must be followed in food service industry. Restaurants promote their healthier menu fare using the Specific claims. There are two types of nutrition claims on foods: nutrient content claims and health claims. These claims must also follow certain rules from Health Canada to make sure that they are consistent and not misleading.

Nutrient content claims- are the specific claims about a menu item's nutrient content and they explain the amount of a nutrient in a food. For example, low fat or high fiber. A good source of iron is also an example of a nutrient content claim.

Health claims- are the claims about the relationship between a nutrient or food and a disease or health condition and make the statements about the helpful effects of a certain food consumed within a healthy diet on a person's health. For example, a dish that is low in fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol might be able to carry a claim about how diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease. They may initially appear on the menu in simple terms, such as heart healthy. Further information about the claim should be available somewhere on the menu or in other labeling, for example, with accompanying nutrition information that must be provided on request. A healthy diet containing foods high in potassium and low in sodium may reduce risk of high blood pressure, a risk factor for stroke and heart disease is a health claim.

Diploma in Food Service Worker (FSW) Program at Springfield College provide training to produce knowledgeable and well informed Food Service personnel who are adept at adjusting to new developments in food service regulations, technology and policies. This Diploma in Food Service Worker (FSW) Program make the students perfectionist to function as the “face” of their organization, while exercising professionalism in demeanor and work perspectives. They acquire skills and capabilities to effectively communicate with customers and other facility staff at all professional levels, specialties and roles.

Diploma in Food Service Worker (FSW) Program is conducted at our very conveniently located Brampton campus, serving the students from Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto and GTA area. Learn and advance your skills and knowledge of Food Service Industry in just few months instead of few years.

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