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Food Service Worker Diploma

Healthy eating is a vital concern for people of all age in modern days on global arena. Healthy eating is not a health fad, but a requisite for a healthy life for all. Health is a state of being bodily and mentally energetic and free from disease, illness or injury. Healthy eating means eating a variety of foods from the various food groups to feel good and maintain your health. Eating well with Canada’s food guide along with being active can also lower the risk of disease, and help achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

How to eat healthy, healthy food choices, healthy meal planning, eating well with foods to limit, healthy grocery shopping, seasonal guide for healthy food consumption etc. are the vital components of a healthy food guide. In food market, various kinds of diet food, fad diet or diet cult are available that make promises of weight loss or other health advantages like longer life without backing by scientific truth. Some guarantee stylish weight-loss plan with dramatic results. Typically, these diets are not healthy and actually can be dangerous to the health.

Improved health information is currently a priority of federal and provincial governments, to enable more effective evidence-based health system decision making. Nutritional well-being and a safe nutritious food supply are central to all aspects of health system- prevention, health promotion, health protection and health care. Improved food and nutrition surveillance should therefore receive a significant focus in ongoing health information initiatives.

Diploma in Food Service Worker (FSW) Program at Springfield College provides training to produce knowledgeable and well informed Food Service personnel who are adept at adjusting to new developments in food service regulations, technology and policies. This Diploma in Food Service Worker (FSW) Program make the students perfectionist to function as the “face” of their organization, while exercising professionalism in demeanor and work perspectives. They acquire skills and capabilities to effectively communicate with customers and other facility staff at all professional levels, specialties and roles.

Diploma in Food Service Worker (FSW) Program is conducted at our very conveniently located Brampton campus, serving the students from Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto and GTA area. Learn and advance your skills and knowledge of Food Service Industry in just few months instead of few years.

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