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Training and Certification in Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy Training at Springfield College

Widely used in modern times, sclerotherapy is a popular and effective therapeutic and cosmetic way to eliminate problem spider veins, varicose veins and reticular veins. Significant numbers of medical assistants, Nurses and RPN are assisting doctors in this field, which supports and encourages the demand for training in this field.

Learn the basics and application of Sclerotherapy for Vein Injections, Spider Veins, Varicose Veins, Unwanted Facial or Leg veins, which is an integral part of modern day health care system. Sclerotherapy is a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure and with right training can help produce great outcome in treating problem veins like spider veins and reticular (blue feeder) veins.

This dynamic sclerotherapy program at Springfield College is aimed to dispense knowledge of the procedure and skills basic to establish problem veins and allied steps involved in medical settings, using proper techniques and universal precautions, a significant tool for medical office team members. Students will participate and perform hands-on procedures.

Common Job opportunities

Medical Aesthetics Practice

Med spa dermatology practice

Cosmetics centres

Medical Spa and microsurgery

Cosmetic facial treatments

Aesthetician’s practice

Medical Assistant at Dermatology Associate practice

Medical Vein treatment centres

Physician assistant at vein institutes

Course Objectives

This program includes two main parts- Theory and Simulation Practicum of sclerotherapy.

The course material includes details and requisites of Sclerotherapy as procedure, medical supplies, various agents and solutions used, and detailed illustrations related to the techniques you learn.

Course Highlights

Attractive Fees

Experienced faculty and staff to train and assist students throughout program

A small group of 3-5 students for personalized attention and better learning experience

Short duration & Long duration programs

Certificate given on same day of completion

Detailed practical and theory knowledge and experience related to the technique, procedure, risk, complications of sclerotherapy.

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