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PRP and Phlebotomy for the Health & Dental Professionals

Students practicing Ideal vein Selection for  Phlebotomy and  PRP

In recent times, the drawing of blood has acquired a new focus among a variety of medical specialists including sports and exercise medicine as well as cosmetic clinics and dental practitioners owing to a revolutionary procedure called Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy. PRP has been found to be a very useful component derived from patient’s blood, in various dental procedures such as apicectomy, replantations, bone grafts, implants, closure of cleft lips, sinus lifts, and ridge augmentation procedures to name a few. Thus, learning skills of phlebotomy and PRP therapy is very beneficial component of dental practice for dentists and their staff.

It has been established through various proven and research data that when a patient’s own platelet-rich plasma blood is re-injected into any wound site, PRP enhances healing process and reduces recovery time. In the last few years, PRP has treated scores of professional athletes and sports people. Correspondingly, more and more PRP-trained dentists and their staff are utilizing this technique as an effective treatment modality to speed up patient recovery in many surgical dental procedures essentially due to PRP’s properties of wound healing and bone regeneration.

Springfield College is offering an exciting special Phlebotomy Program for Dental Professionals that teaches dentists and their staff the much needed skills and knowledge of phlebotomy and PRP therapy. The program educates and trains participants on how to draw blood via venipuncture and capillary/dermal puncture as well as the practices and procedures obligatory to obtaining adequate and correct blood specimens for the PRP therapy.

Springfield College’s 1day /2 days Phlebotomy programs for Dental professionals include required practice on drawing blood, sample collection, PRP portion with knowledge and information of process of separating platelet-rich and platelet-poor blood, blood-separating centrifuge equipment while maximizing patient care and workspace safety. Dental professionals and staff can learn the use related to PRP and the skills they need and the confidence they require to perform phlebotomy and PRP therapy with ease.

The Phlebootmy program-1 day/2 days/3-5 days/2 weeks- training/ certification/ workshop at Springfield College helps prepare you get skills needed for a challenging career in a physician’s office, hospital or medical clinic. Students learn details and techniques of safe and effective Phlebotomy, Venipuncture and dermal puncture for children, adults and geriatric patients, patient communication and preparations in healthcare.

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