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PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Training – Certificate Program


In recent years, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has emerged as a promising treatment modality for use in aesthetic and regenerative medicine fields. PRP in aesthetic medicine is an exciting avenue that has produced incredible results for clients looking to achieve a more youthful appearance. PRP is a high concentration of platelets derived from whole blood which is the patient’s own blood. PRP comprises hundreds of bio-active proteins, including growth factors and cytokines that stimulate healing of skin and soft tissues. Striking features of PRP are the release of various growth factors from activated platelets, tissue regenerative, and healing capabilities, as well as the lack of general problems associated with immunogenicity.

The primary advantage of PRP over Botox is that treatment is practically risk-free with least or no adverse reactions. PRP, contrary to Botox, is the injection of the patient's own blood platelets into the skin, therefore there is nothing foreign injected into the body. Since PRP works with the patient's own healing processes and produces a natural effect, cosmetic PRP rejuvenation gets appreciated by the clients. PRP also is believed to evade other side effects of Botox such as frozen face and eyelid drooping.

Therapeutic applications of PRP including several methods for its clinical application in conditions related to aesthetic and regenerative medicine including wound healing, skin and facial rejuvenation, hair restoration, hand rejuvenation, breast augmentation, and musculoskeletal regeneration, urinary continence and sexual dysfunction therapy have been reviewed time and time again. Clients looking to reverse photodamage, elimination of wrinkles and accelerated aging definitely benefit from the tissue regeneration that PRP offers.

PRP treatment has shown itself as a bright future for a safe and efficient cosmetic intervention. The increase in popularity of PRP treatments has led to a great impact on the demand for the healthcare persons trained for PRP preparation and phlebotomists and has increased job opportunities for them in these fields. The skillful training of quality PRP preparation, phlebotomy and venipuncture helps students apply their knowledge and skills for the application of PRP in all aesthetic, medical, dental, hair therapy and pain management areas.

PRP program 1 day/2 days/3-5 days - training/ certification/ workshop at Springfield College is aimed to dispense knowledge of the procedure and skills basic to establish PRP procedures, modern day practice of quality PRP preparation and related steps involved in medical and Esthetic settings, using proper techniques and universal precautions, a significant tool for medical and esthetic fields team members. Students will learn the methods of best quality PRP preparation and can participate and perform simulation hands-on procedures.

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