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Caregiver Communication & Safety

Caregiver Communication & Safety Program

How to deescalate confrontations with patients

Upset or angry patients can be a challenge in any medical facility. Most of the caregivers strive to provide the utmost care and attention possible to their patients /clients. However, how a patient processes his or her tailored treatment can impact the way office staff receive feedback. When patients become upset or belligerent, it can be hard for caregivers to stay calm and deal with this very real situation.

Caregiver Communication & Safety - Continuing Education Certification Program for healthcare professionals at Springfield College of Healthcare, Management & Technology, offers a training session on how to communicate, deescalate and ensure the safety of caregivers. It provides Caregivers with the essential tools, preventive measures and strategies to confidently address and face the difficult situations.

Course Outline

The following are some tips this course can provide:

• How to tailor a response that addresses the root of the patient’s anxiety.

• How to resist the urge to become defensive, raise your voice or speak over the patient - the key to observation is how to listen.

• How to mind your body language if feeling irritated or defensive (i.e. crossing arms, standing with hands on your hips, etc.).

• How to physically protect yourself if patients do not stop at a verbal barrage and the situation escalates and becomes potentially physical.

• Understand your legal rights to remove or request the removal of a patient.

• How to protect staff and bystanders in the facility by following office procedure.

• How to document a complaint and subsequent situation, as well as the attempt to resolve it and the result. By doing so can help in your defence if the patient makes a complaint to a higher authority.

In addition to a class lecture, students will participate in role-play activities that will strengthen the skills needed for a real-world scenario.

Course Highlights:

Attractive fees

Great quality training

Experienced faculties with vast knowledge and Industry experience dedicated to help students throughout course

A small group of 3-4 students, for personalized attention and best practical learning experience

Certificate- given on same day of completion

Regular classes for the program on week days, evening and weekend schedules.


SPRINGFIELD COLLEGE OF HEALTH CARE, MANAGEMENT & TECHNOLOGY Bartley’s Square 1- Bartley Bull Parkway, Suite # 19, (Across Shoppers World Brampton, Above Food Basics) Brampton, ON, L6W 3T7

Tel: 905-216-1600 E-Mail: info@; admin@

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