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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment-PRP classified as drug by Health Canada- Latest development

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

PRP has been used in medical and aesthetic fields in Canada for last few years. PRP has become increasingly popular in recent years. Striking features of PRP are the release of various growth factors from activated platelets, tissue regenerative, and healing capabilities, as well as the lack of general problems associated with immunogenicity. PRP treatment has been constantly promoted as one of the safe and efficient medical and cosmetic interventions. However, more clarity was required regarding the status of

PRP therapy and classification of PRP by Health Canada.

Health Canada has now clarified its position on treatments that use platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Health Canada now says such treatments should be classified as a Drug. In follow up to Health Canada’s communication on unauthorized stem cell therapies on May 15, 2019, Health Canada has clarified that Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments, including Platelet Rich Fibrin treatments(PRFM), are not the same as cell therapies and, as a result, are not subject to Health Canada’s Policy Position Paper on Autologous Cell Therapy Products.

This is a significant change- a change that could make PRP therapy more available in Canada.

Recent statement from Health Canada says that as long as the PRP treatment involves blood from the patient — which isn't otherwise manipulated — and the procedure is performed by a medical practitioner, it is classified and regulated as a drug. The key difference between PRP and stem cell treatments is that in the case of the latter, cells are used for something other than their original purpose.

The clarification followed a safety notification in May 2019 that grouped PRP treatments with other cell therapies, including stem cell therapies. At the time, Health Canada said all cell therapies are considered a form of drug and must be formally approved before they can be legally offered to the public. According to Health Canada, PRP meets the definition of a “drug” under the Food and Drugs Act. The preparation of PRP falls under the scope of the practice of medicine and dentistry and is regulated provincially and territorially when it is conducted by practitioners including physicians and dentists; obtained from a patient; and administered back to the same patient in a single procedure.

The increase in popularity of PRP treatments has led to a great impact on the demand for the healthcare persons trained for PRP preparation and phlebotomists, and has increased job opportunities for them in these fields. The skillful training of quality PRP preparation, phlebotomy and venipuncture helps students apply their knowledge and skills for the application of PRP in all aesthetic, medical, dental, hair therapy and pain management areas.

PRP Preparation-Skills and Safety Certification Program 2 days/3-6 days- training/ certification/ workshop at Springfield College is aimed to dispense knowledge of the procedure and skills basic to establish PRP preparation, procedures, modern day practice of quality PRP preparation and related steps involved in Medical and Aesthetic settings, using proper techniques and universal precautions, a significant tool for medical and Aesthetic fields team members. Students will learn the methods of best quality PRP preparation and can participate and perform simulation hands-on procedures.


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