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With educational institutes of international repute offering affordable quality education, and abundant post-study work opportunities, Canada has become an education hub and the most preferred destination for international students today. Moreover, Canada has a high standard of living, offers world class infrastructure and facilities for Canadians, and is considered one of the best places in the world to live and study in.

Study in Ontario

More international students come to Ontario than any other Canadian province, and for good reason. Ontario is home to some of Canada's top universities and colleges, leaders in innovation and research. International students can gain a competitive edge as degrees, diplomas and certificates received in Ontario's universities and colleges are held in high esteem across Canada and recognized worldwide.

Ontario caters to all types of student, from those who prefer the big city experience to those who thrive in a small-town environment. Canada's financial hub (Greater Toronto Area), as well as many other cities and thousands of multinational corporations are in Ontario, offering a wealth of employment opportunities upon graduation. With more than half of Canada's new immigrants settling in the province, Ontario is a place where newcomers can always feel at home.


Studying in Ontario: The Advantages

Global recognition

International students gain a competitive edge as degrees, diplomas and certificates received in Ontario's universities and colleges are recognized worldwide.


More people, more possibilities

As Canada's most populated province, and home to its largest city (Toronto) and capital (Ottawa), Ontario is a place where things happen and where big decisions are made. For international students Ontario offers unparalleled employment opportunities.


Immigrate After Studying in Ontario

International students who choose Ontario as their destination in Canada are in a great position to immigrate permanently, thanks to the OINP International Students category, which accepts applications under the following sub-category:


International Student with a Job Offer Stream — This sub-category was created to help employers recruit international students. It is open to Ontario employers and students with job offers in the province.



Average Cost of Living



Meal (relatively cheap place): $15.00
Fast food: $10.50

Cappuccino (regular): $3.38

Coke/Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle): $2.04

Water (0.33 liter bottle): $1.46



One-way Ticket (Local Transport): $4.00

Bus Monthly Pass: $128.00
Taxi (Normal Tariff): $4.50

Gasoline (1 liter): $1.11



Cinema ticket: $14.95
Gym (monthly plan): $55.00




Canadian Dollar (CAD)




Voltage Plug: 110V (North American Standard) 

Image showing 110 volt plug in north America
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