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  • International students who have accepted an Offer of Admission or received the Letter of Acceptance (LOA), but are unable to apply for student visa with the Canadian Embassy / High Commission due to any reasons, can be granted deferred admission as long as atleast 25% of total program fees have been paid.

  • You may defer only ONCE and the maximum duration of deferral can be 1 year. The deferral request form need to be submitted within 3 months from the date of Initial Registration Application. Any subsequent requests for deferral are considered new applications and will require that a new application and registration fee be paid.

  • All deferral requests must be accompanied by a written appeal and are subjected to a $90 deferral fee.

  • If you are eligible for a deferral as per the conditions above, please follow the steps below to complete the deferral process:

  • Step 1: Confirm from the International Student Admission Department of the SCHMT about the Program Availability for the International Applicants for the desired new program start date. 

  • Step 2: Make sure that you have already paid 25% of program fee.

  • Step 3: Complete the Request to Defer Admission for International Applicants form to submit your deferral request. 

  • Step 4: Transfer the Deferral Fee ($90).  

  • Step 6: Once your request has been granted on confirmation of your Deferral Fee payment, you will receive a new Letter of Acceptance. Please allow three to four weeks of processing time.

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Students may be eligible to apply for a tuition refund if:

  • the visa/study permit application has been refused.



Note: To request a tuition refund, the following documents are required and the Withdrawl & Refund Application must be signed by the requesting student, not a third party:

  • clear copy of valid passport showing both the identification and signature pages

  • completed "Request for Tuition Fee Refund Form"

  • supporting documentation to your reason for withdrawing, i.e., copy of visa/study permit refusal letter/email


  1. Tuition Fees & Books Fees is refundable only on denial of visa/study permit application.

   2. INTERNATIONAL STUDENT FEES is non-refundable and will be   withheld from your original payment.

   3.  Only the Request for  Tuition Fee Refund Form submitted        within 14 days from the day noted on the study permit refusal notice will be considered.

Refund Methods

  • In order to be compliant with Canada’s Anti-Money Laundering policies, all refunds will be sent back to the credit card or bank account from which the funds were originally paid.

  • if a payment was made by credit card and that card is no longer active, funds will be returned through Convera with online banking information verification. The instruction email will be sent to your email address.

  • payments made from Canada using Interac or Canadian bank payments will be refunded back to the account or through e-transfer

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