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Dealing with Interview stress

Interviews are typically conducted by panels or professionals with levelheaded interviewing experience. But sometimes, interviewers adopt psychological assessments to determine how individuals react under pressure, and utilize numerous strategies to make the interview difficult for the job candidate. Job Interviews can be tough, even if you have gone on a lot of them. The high level of anxiety and nervousness related to interviewing can make life difficult, and can impair your chances of landing a job. Although some anxiety around interviews is normal and healthy, if you're totally stressed, you're not going to interview well.

Hence, the key to interview success is to keep anxiety and stress levels under control to achieve success.

Tips for Avoiding Interview Stress

Create familiarity with interviewing process beforehand – The more familiar interviewing feels to you, the less anxiety you will feel with the process. Conduct job search thoroughly and select jobs matching with our interests and competence. Meet with advisers, mentors, and friends for mock or practice interviews.

Thorough preparation- Identify your relevant skills, strengths and work experiences, volunteer, academic or co-curricular roles, academic and other achievements with positive attitude.

Research your target company- be prepared to explain thoroughly why the employer and job in focus matches your interests.

Try to Avoid Negative Thinking- Avoid all negativity and negative thoughts that can up your anxiety level. Identifying and countering anxiety provoking thoughts can help to lower levels of anxiety and stress.
Think positive -Think positive and comprehend that one poor answer normally does not knock a candidate out of consideration, and moreover, there will always be other options and other chances to land a good job.

Be confident- Mentally review your assets repeatedly prior to the interview to convince yourself and be confident that you have the right stuff in you.

Focus on Success- Try frequently imagining positive interactions with your interviewer, and positive outcome, particularly in the hours immediately prior to your interview.

Relaxation technique- Counselors often recommend relaxation techniques, such as progressive muscle relaxation or breathing exercises as a way to manage anxiety.

Psychologist assistance- If your anxiety around interviewing is excessive and you feel totally stressed out, then you may mull over engaging a psychologist to identify the underlying issues and assist you in developing effectual stress coping strategies.

After complete preparation for your stress interviews, settle down and relax. Always, Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst!

Be prepared for any eventuality. An important point to remember at this juncture is that if you don't get this job, there will always be another one! Consider it a learning experience and move forward to the next opportunity.

Finally, never give up! The only people who fail to get the better of interview stress are those who quit interviewing. Even the most severe cases of interview stress can be helped.

There is always hope. Don’t forget- Sustain and keep going on with strong determination is the key to ultimate success!

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