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Updated: Apr 16, 2021

A Dental receptionist or Front desk manager is the health care professional, who has the first encounter with the client/patient and is responsible for greeting and assisting patients the moment they enter a dental office. The job of a dental receptionist is an exciting and very promising work opportunity. A successful dental receptionist helps ensure that a dental office works efficiently and productively while providing a professional, friendly point of communication for the clients and associates. There are plenty of job responsibilities and challenges associated with this career. Receptionists make appointments for patients and maintain their accounts. They help coordinate the dentist's schedule and bill patients and their insurance companies. Most dental receptionists use a computerized filing system to organize patient records and keep them updated.

Dental receptionists/ Front desk managers are required to have a thorough knowledge and skill set to work effectively and efficiently in dental office. Dental Receptionists work at the front line of dental practices. They are the first point of contact over the phone or on arrival. They efficiently book in new patients, greet the visitors in office, sort out appointments and become expert in undertaking other non-clinical tasks of an administrative nature. The employers tend to favor applicants who have strong computer skills, knowledge of dental terminology and dental procedures, dental billing and coding as well as the training in any dental office-related tasks including understanding and application of dental softwares.

Most dental offices have long-standing relationships with their patients. They need Dental receptionist/ Front desk manager who must be enthusiastic, a team player, hardworking and enjoys communicating with patients. For a busy Dental office, knowledge of dental softwares is a valuable asset. For thriving dental practices, experienced Dental receptionist/ Front desk manager is an essentiality, who can take over the administrative duties involved with office organization, patient scheduling and file management; who enjoys people and values compassionate service. The Dental receptionist/Front desk manager job includes significant amounts of multi-tasking, but the ideal candidate provides professionalism and personalized service, and complement dental office.

Diploma in Medical & Dental Office Administration (MDOA) Program at Springfield College provide training to become knowledgeable and well-informed Healthcare Administrators who are adept at adjusting to new developments in health care regulations, technology, use of updated EMR Softwares and policies for Medical and Dental offices in Ontario. They become flexible, analytical and organized in applying learned knowledge, skills and clinical expertise into their medical & Dental practices at workplaces.

Diploma in MDOA at Springfield College make the students perfectionist while exercising professionalism in demeanor and work perspectives. They acquire skills and capabilities to effectively communicate with patients and office administration in different medical and dental set ups at all professional levels, specialties and roles. They keep themselves abreast of what goes on in their work environment or facility fulfilling daily responsibilities of an efficient employee. Learn and advance your skills and knowledge of Medical and Dental office administration in just few months instead of few years.

  • Attractive fees

  • Very convenient and easily accessible location at Brampton

  • Best knowledge and information with emphasis on practicable skills in relevant fields of jobs

  • Small class sizes for personalized attention and best learning experience

  • Highly knowledgeable and Healthcare industry expert faculties, dedicated to tutor and guide students throughout the course

  • Emphasis on one-to-one support

  • Excellent feedback for teaching and programs from past and present students

  • Definite assistance in Job search and help to get jobs

Contact us for customized schedule for weekends and evenings too.

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Brampton, ON L6W3T7

(Across Shoppers World Brampton, Above Food Basics)

Tel: 905-216-1600; 416-456-6689


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