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Venous Sclerotherapy for unwanted and Abnormal Veins

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Venous Sclerotherapy is a treatment in demand for unwanted veins in recent times since the unwanted veins are not only a medical but also a cosmetic concern. These are typically varicose veins, reticular veins and spider veins on legs and other parts of the body. Venous Sclerotherapy is a very skill-dependent technique that requires precision with skills and excellent understanding of the anatomy of the veins and vascular system. A combination approach with Sclerotherapy on the larger veins first, followed by laser vein treatments for the smaller veins can also be suggested. A newer, minimally invasive technique allows injection of sclerosant in the affected vein with a needle/catheter using ultrasound. This process allows sclerotherapy treatment to be used on larger varicose veins that previously could only be treated surgically with ligation and stripping. It is therefore important to be assessed by a Healthcare professional who is skilled in Sclerotherapy and laser vein treatments, with relevant knowledge.

Venous Sclerotherapy-1 day/2 days/3-5 days- training/ certification/ workshop program at Springfield College is aimed to dispense knowledge of the procedure and skills basic to establish problem veins and related steps involved for their treatment in medical settings, using proper techniques and universal precautions, a significant tool for medical office team members. Students participate and perform hands-on procedures.

The program helps prepare you get skills needed for a challenging career in medical & medical esthetic fields. Students learn details and techniques of safe sclerotherapy procedures, patient communication and preparations for Venous Sclerotherapy in healthcare.

For details of the Venous Sclerotherapy program and best training-


HealthCare Department

Bartley’s Square

1- Bartley Bull Parkway, Suite # 19,

(Oppo. Shoppers World Brampton, Above Food Basics)

Brampton, ON, L6W 3T7

Tel: 905-216-1600


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